Magistrates and Crown Court & police station representation

Under Investigation

If you are under investigation by authorities, whether regulatory or law enforcement, securing legal advice to allay your concerns, formulate a game plan, and ensure you take the correct next steps is vital. Being subject to an investigation is inevitably stressful; stay fully informed and ensure you know your legal position by instructing us to assist.

Montague Solicitors has extensive experience dealing with various investigatory bodies. We will ensure you receive the support and backing you need to face down an investigation, and should matters escalate we will remain by your side.

At the Police Station

Whenever you are interviewed under caution you should have legal representation. The interview is conducted for the benefit of the investigator, not the suspect. That interview may take place when the suspect is under arrest or where the suspect attends the interview voluntarily (referred to as a Caution Plus 3 interview). It is a common misconception that if a suspect is not arrested, being accompanied by a lawyer is less important. If you have a police station interview upcoming contact us for advice without charge on how you should approach it.

Contact Montague Solicitors and we will send an experienced representative to advise you of your rights and how to respond when questioned. The same applies if the interview under caution is being conducted by any other regulatory authority such as a local authority. If in doubt, reach out to us for direction on your options.

At the Magistrates’ Court

All criminal cases begin in the magistrates’ court and more than 90% conclude there. For a bail application, plea in mitigation or trial, we will support you through the proceedings with proficiency and commitment.

We routinely appear at Magistrates’ Courts across London and elsewhere in England and Wales.

At the Crown Court

The Crown Court deals with all serious criminal charges and with less serious charges where you have chosen trial by jury. The Crown Court also deals with appeals against decisions of Magistrates’ Courts.

We have a wide range of in depth experience litigating Crown Court matters.

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