Certification of Documents

Certification of documents

We are able to offer this service to affidavits, Statutory Declarations, Oaths, Change of Name Deeds or Certifying Documents. We act as Commissioners of Oaths in witnessing statutory declarations, oaths or affidavits.

We also provide certified copies of documents by certifying that the original documents are true copies of the originals. We can prepare statutory declarations to legalise issues that require a declaration to be made.

We also prepare change of name deeds if you would like your name changed or wish to regularise your name where there has been a discrepancy on your passport or birth certificate. An appointment will have to be made for this type of service.

Please telephone our offices in advance to arrange a suitable time.

Types of documents that can be certified.

  • Passports
  • Photocard driving licences
  • Correspondence from the home office
  • Correspondence from local authorities or from government department
  • Financial documents as bank stat Gas, electricity or council tax bills

Proof of identity needed from you

  • Passports
  • Photocard driving licences
  • Utility bill within the last 3 months

The costs of this are as follows per document:

Please note that costs can change (due to number of documents or complexity but we will advise of this before you attend)


  1. Please note that we are not a Notary Public. It may be the case that your documents need an Apostille and further certification from the FCO. We do not provide these services so we ask that before you come to us that you are advised by the organisation of what they need and specific rules that apply.
  2. We will retain an electronic copy of the document we certified in line with the Law Society and SRA rules and guidelines.