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Judicial Review

This is a particularly difficult area. Judicial Review is a High Court procedure that can be used to challenge decisions made by public authorities, including the immigration authorities. This method of litigation is used when there is no remedy left available to you or that the initial decision is unlawful. In either sense we understand the principles of Judicial Review and apply it where it is necessary to do so.

The Judicial Review must be lodged within 3 months of the decision of the authority and can be challenged if the decision is irrational, unfair or illegal. If one is successful at this juncture the court may quash a decision or request that the authority re-consider the original decision.

In terms of Judicial Review for immigration we are able to bring actions against an authority if it has not made a decision within a certain time period or is unwilling to make a decision or if you have no other remedy. We are constantly lodging Judicial Reviews where UKBA have sat on applications for years.

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